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Viagra (sildenafil) is a medicine that could be recommended if you experience duplicated failure to have sex (likewise called erectile dysfunction).

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Integer gravida

Your medical service provider needs to be informed instantly if you have eyesight changes, upper body discomfort, abrupt reduction of hearing or eyesight, uneven heart beat, an erection that lasts for longer compared to 4 hrs, lightheadedness, puffinessing, or fainting.

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Praesent mauris

With Viagra you can make love and have the ability to finish sexual relations without being stressed regarding the hardness of your erection.

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Senior clients may be more conscious the effects of this medicine than other groups of populace.

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Fusce ultrices fringilla

You must constantly let your doctor understand if you have higher blood stress, heart illness, low blood tension, liver illness, kidney condition or coronary artery disease, or if you are taking heart medication, higher blood tension medicine, antidepressants or anti-biotics.

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The dosage could be lower if you are older compared to 60 or have such medical problems as renal condition, cardiac arrest, red blood cell disorder, past of a movement, coronary artery illness, belly abscess, bleeding condition, or irregular blood stress, or higher if your physician deems it needed.